Komp - Portable presses - Water-cooled


Compact Vulcanizer, fast and easy to install.

  • - Easily removable divided into 5 parts, reducing the weight load for the operator.
  • - Fast and automatic process.
  • - Low height frame for workspaces with difficult access.
  • - External control unit.

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Pressure Airbag lower frame - 7 Bar (100PSI)
HeatingHeating elements - 185º C (365º F) Max.
Belt widthUp to 1800mm (72")
Platen Length364mm-520mm-624mm-728mm-832mm-1664mm (14,8"-21,2"-25,5"-29,7"-32,7"-65,5")
Angle16º - 22º - 90º

Millimeters Inches

Technical data in millimeters correspond to the 16º models, and in inches to the 22º ones. The weight of the lower frame includes the bolts and the pins. The total weight includes the 2 heating platens and the pressure bag.
Model Belt (mm) (in)G1 (mm) (in)G3 (mm) (in)A (mm) (in)B (mm) (in)C (mm) (in)H (mm) (in)L (mm) (in)Bottom frame weight (Kg) (Lb)Top frame weight (Kg) (Lb)Platen weight (Kg) (Lb)Total weight (Kg) (Lb)
Komp 650x350650 mm181 mm332 mm780 mm350 mm750 mm364 mm960 mm29.4 Kg21.5 Kg19.88 Kg95.51 Kg
Komp 800x350800 mm191 mm352 mm940 mm350 mm904 mm364 mm1120 mm35.3 Kg26 Kg22 Kg109 Kg
Komp 1000x3501000 mm201 mm372 mm1145 mm350 mm1101 mm364 mm1325 mm41.5 Kg31.5 Kg30.5 Kg142.5 Kg
Komp 1200x3501200 mm226 mm422 mm1355 mm350 mm1303 mm364 mm1535 mm53.0 Kg40 Kg36 Kg175 Kg
Komp 1400x3501400 mm246 mm462 mm1560 mm350 mm1500 mm364 mm1740 mm62.8 Kg38.64 Kg39.77 Kg190.68 Kg
Komp 1600x3501600 mm271 mm512 mm1770 mm350 mm1701 mm364 mm1950 mm79.1 Kg59.13 Kg45.12 Kg239.52 Kg
Komp 650x500650 mm186 mm342 mm780 mm500 mm750 mm520 mm960 mm36.7 Kg28.34 Kg28.41 Kg128.79 Kg
Komp 800x500800 mm201 mm372 mm940 mm500 mm904 mm520 mm1120 mm44.5 Kg34.5 Kg28 Kg143.1 Kg
Komp 1000x5001000 mm206 mm382 mm1145 mm500 mm1101 mm520 mm1325 mm52.2 Kg40.6 Kg41.7 Kg186 Kg
Komp 1200x5001200 mm241 mm452 mm1355 mm500 mm1303 mm520 mm1535 mm68.0 Kg54.34 Kg49.35 Kg233.08 Kg
Komp 1400x5001400 mm271 mm512 mm1560 mm500 mm1500 mm520 mm1760 mm86.4 Kg67 Kg56.5 Kg281.92 Kg
Komp 1600x5001600 mm321 mm612 mm1770 mm500 mm1701 mm520 mm1970 mm114.0 Kg89 Kg64.46 Kg347.69 Kg
Komp 650x600650 mm191 mm352 mm780 mm600 mm750 mm624 mm960 mm42.5 Kg32.4 Kg34.09 Kg151.38 Kg
Komp 800x600800 mm206 mm382 mm940 mm600 mm904 mm624 mm1120 mm48.6 Kg38 Kg42 Kg180.2 Kg
Komp 1000x6001000 mm211 mm392 mm1145 mm600 mm1101 mm624 mm1325 mm56.7 Kg44.5 Kg49 Kg211.5 Kg
Komp 1200x6001200 mm251 mm472 mm1355 mm600 mm1303 mm624 mm1535 mm76.8 Kg61 Kg59 Kg279.5 Kg
Komp 1400x6001400 mm281 mm532 mm1560 mm600 mm1500 mm624 mm1760 mm100.0 Kg88 Kg70 Kg343 Kg
Komp 1600x6001600 mm331 mm632 mm1770 mm600 mm1701 mm624 mm1970 mm126.8 Kg100.77 Kg77.35 Kg401.24 Kg
Komp 1000x7001000 mm251 mm472 mm1145 mm700 mm1101 mm728 mm1345 mm81.2 Kg69.05 Kg58.38 Kg281.3 Kg
Komp 1200x7001200 mm281 mm532 mm1355 mm700 mm1303 mm728 mm1555 mm101.7 Kg88.27 Kg69.09 Kg345.08 Kg
Komp 1400x7001400 mm301 mm572 mm1560 mm700 mm1500 mm728 mm1760 mm121.0 Kg106.42 Kg79.54 Kg405.93 Kg
Komp 1600x8001600 mm339 mm645 mm1770 mm800 mm1701 mm832 mm2171 mm197 Kg185 Kg105 Kg612 Kg
Komp 1800x16001800 mm490 mm950 mm2040 mm1600 mm1961 mm1664 mm2400 mm864 Kg804 Kg330 Kg2900 Kg
Komp 24x1424 in7.1 in13.1 in30.1 in13.8 in27.9 in14.8 in37.2 in63.8 Lb46.20 Lb42.9 Lb204.6 Lb
Komp 26x1426 in7.3 in13.5 in32.3 in13.8 in29.9 in14.8 in39.4 in68.3 Lb50.03 Lb46.0 Lb221.5 Lb
Komp 30x1430 in7.5 in13.9 in36.6 in13.8 in33.9 in14.8 in43.7 in70.4 Lb56.74 Lb52.2 Lb244.2 Lb
Komp 32x1432 in7.7 in14.3 in38.7 in13.8 in35.9 in14.8 in45.8 in80.2 Lb59.40 Lb53.9 Lb257.0 Lb
Komp 36x1436 in7.9 in14.6 in43.1 in13.8 in39.9 in14.8 in50.2 in88.0 Lb66.29 Lb61.4 Lb292.0 Lb
Komp 40x1440 in8.1 in15.0 in47.4 in13.8 in43.9 in14.8 in54.5 in96.8 Lb72.60 Lb67.5 Lb325.6 Lb
Komp 42x1442 in8.5 in15.8 in49.5 in13.8 in45.9 in14.8 in56.6 in103.4 Lb77.00 Lb70.6 Lb341.0 Lb
Komp 48x1448 in9.3 in17.4 in56.0 in13.8 in51.9 in14.8 in63.1 in123.2 Lb94.18 Lb79.8 Lb396.5 Lb
Komp 54x1454 in9.7 in18.2 in62.5 in13.8 in57.9 in14.8 in70.4 in139.9 Lb107.89 Lb89.0 Lb447.5 Lb
Komp 60x1460 in10.7 in20.2 in69.0 in13.8 in63.9 in14.8 in76.9 in156.2 Lb121.00 Lb98.3 Lb497.2 Lb
Komp 24x2024 in7.3 in13.5 in30.1 in19.7 in27.9 in21.2 in37.2 in79.2 Lb61.60 Lb61.3 Lb277.2 Lb
Komp 26x2026 in7.5 in13.9 in32.3 in19.7 in29.9 in21.2 in39.4 in86.5 Lb65.96 Lb66.0 Lb285.6 Lb
Komp 30x2030 in7.7 in14.3 in36.6 in19.7 in33.9 in21.2 in43.7 in96.0 Lb75.13 Lb74.5 Lb336.2 Lb
Komp 32x2032 in7.9 in14.6 in38.7 in19.7 in35.9 in21.2 in45.8 in101.4 Lb82.70 Lb78.8 Lb360.0 Lb
Komp 36x2036 in8.1 in15.0 in43.1 in19.7 in39.9 in21.2 in50.2 in109.1 Lb88.00 Lb83.6 Lb385.0 Lb
Komp 40x2040 in8.3 in15.4 in47.4 in19.7 in43.9 in21.2 in54.5 in122.4 Lb97.90 Lb96.5 Lb436.9 Lb
Komp 42x2042 in8.7 in16.2 in49.5 in19.7 in45.9 in21.2 in56.6 in131.9 Lb105.60 Lb105.6 Lb476.3 Lb
Komp 48x2048 in9.7 in18.2 in56.0 in19.7 in51.9 in21.2 in63.1 in157.7 Lb126.39 Lb114.0 Lb540.1 Lb
Komp 54x2054 in10.3 in19.4 in62.5 in19.7 in57.9 in21.2 in70.4 in190.4 Lb162.93 Lb127.2 Lb638.7 Lb
Komp 60x2060 in11.5 in21.7 in69.0 in19.7 in63.9 in21.2 in76.9 in225.1 Lb194.92 Lb140.4 Lb735.1 Lb
Komp 24x2424 in7.5 in13.9 in30.1 in23.6 in27.9 in25.5 in37.2 in88.0 Lb68.20 Lb73.5 Lb323.4 Lb
Komp 26x2426 in7.7 in14.3 in32.3 in23.6 in29.9 in25.5 in39.4 in95.5 Lb74.80 Lb79.2 Lb350.2 Lb
Komp 30x2430 in8.1 in15.0 in36.6 in23.6 in33.9 in25.5 in43.7 in110.0 Lb85.80 Lb89.4 Lb404.8 Lb
Komp 32x2432 in8.3 in15.4 in38.7 in23.6 in35.9 in25.5 in45.8 in116.6 Lb92.40 Lb94.6 Lb431.2 Lb
Komp 36x2436 in8.3 in15.4 in43.1 in23.6 in39.9 in25.5 in50.2 in123.8 Lb99.84 Lb105.2 Lb459.7 Lb
Komp 40x2440 in8.7 in16.2 in47.4 in23.6 in43.9 in25.5 in54.5 in131.9 Lb110.00 Lb114.4 Lb501.8 Lb
Komp 42x2442 in9.1 in17.0 in49.5 in23.6 in45.9 in25.5 in56.6 in138.6 Lb116.60 Lb121.0 Lb523.6 Lb
Komp 48x2448 in10.1 in19.0 in56.0 in23.6 in51.9 in25.5 in63.1 in184.3 Lb143.00 Lb134.2 Lb643.5 Lb
Komp 54x2454 in11.1 in20.9 in62.5 in23.6 in57.9 in25.5 in70.4 in206.8 Lb160.60 Lb152.6 Lb723.8 Lb
Komp 60x2460 in11.9 in22.5 in69.0 in23.6 in63.9 in25.5 in76.9 in245.1 Lb217.80 Lb176.0 Lb858.0 Lb
Komp 32x2832 in9.5 in17.8 in38.7 in27.6 in35.9 in29.7 in46.6 in156.6 Lb132.00 Lb112.2 Lb540.5 Lb
Komp 42x2842 in10.7 in20.2 in49.5 in27.6 in45.9 in29.7 in57.4 in200.0 Lb173.80 Lb143.0 Lb702.5 Lb
Komp 54x2854 in11.9 in22.5 in62.5 in27.6 in57.9 in29.7 in70.4 in269.3 Lb242.00 Lb180.4 Lb926.2 Lb

The technical data shown are subject to change without notice.


Compact press made in aluminium. Available for several belt widths, from 650mm up to 1600mm. Lengths of platen 365mm, 522mm, 627mm, 728mm, 832mm and 1664mm (14”, 21”, 25”, 29”, 32,7' and 65,6'). The vulcanizer includes pneumatic pressure system, heating system and cooling system. Removable divided into 5 parts (top frame, top platen, bottom platen, pressure bag and bottom frame) for ease of handling. Completely automatic process programmed from control unit (heating, dwell time and cooling).


Easy to program control unit. Automatic control of the whole splicing process once the melting temperature of both platens, the dwell time, the cooling temperature and the pressure have been set. The control box features an Automatic Temperature Regulation System (ATRS), that monitors automatically the differences of temperature between the heating platens during heating and dwell time. By doing so, differences of more than 2ºC are avoided. Includes voltmeter for input voltage reading that allows to detect any problem in the power supply. Includes also a pressure regulator, manometer and pneumatic valve with quick inflation and deflation. Automatic end-of-cycle buzzer.


Pressure system with wide section pressure bag

The pressure is applied to the belt by means of a pressure bag. 7 bar (100PSI) maximum pressure.

Heating System

Fast heating of both platens by means of silicone heating elements. Each one is made with an asymmetrical winding to supply an even heat distribution all along the belt. The elements get warmer on the ends to compensate the loss of temperature and avoid heat concentration in the middle. Temperature programable up to 200º C / 392º F.

Cooling System

Water cooling system composed by a closed stainless steel circuit, that help circulate water all along the platens propelled by a water pump. Water favours a rapid temperature reduction of the belt and reduces waiting time for a new use of the press. It activates automatically at the end of the dwell temperature process.


Perfect assembly of the top and bottom frames. Steel made. Easily adjustable to different belt thicknesses. Steel made with safety factor 2 (capable of withstanding twice the maximum load pressure of the press).

Komp - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Komp - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Komp - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Komp - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Komp - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Komp - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Komp - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Komp - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Komp - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Komp - Portable presses - Water-cooled
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