Omega - Portable presses - Water-cooled


Versatility and ease of installation by small size elements.

  • - Top quality joints thanks to the airbags located on top & bottom.
  • - Up to 12 bar. maximum pressure.
  • - Quick set up due to the modular design.
  • - Add new elements ro reach the required joint length.

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PressurePressure bag - 7 Bar (100PSI) / 12 Bar (170PSI)
HeatingHeating Elements - 185º C (365º F) Max.
Belt widthUp to 3400 (134")
Angle16º - 22º - 90º

Millimeters Inches

Model Belt (mm) (mm)G1 (mm) (in)G2 (mm) (in)G3 (mm) (in)A (mm) (in)B (mm) (in)C (mm) (in)H (mm) (in)L (mm) (in)Lower frame weight (Kg) (Lb)Upper frame weight (Kg) (Lb)Total weight (Kg) (Lb)
Omega 600600 mm151 mm151 mm302 mm790 mm250 mm759 mm260 mm1010 mm40 Kg40 Kg80 Kg
Omega 650650 mm151 mm151 mm302 mm840 mm250 mm807 mm260 mm1060 mm45 Kg45 Kg90 Kg
Omega 800800 mm181 mm181 mm362 mm1000 mm250 mm961 mm260 mm1230 mm55 Kg55 Kg110 Kg
Omega 10001000 mm181 mm181 mm362 mm1205 mm250 mm1158 mm260 mm1435 mm65 Kg65 Kg130 Kg
Omega 12001200 mm211 mm211 mm422 mm1415 mm250 mm1360 mm260 mm1645 mm80 Kg80 Kg160 Kg
Omega 14001400 mm251 mm251 mm502 mm1620 mm250 mm1557 mm260 mm1850 mm112 Kg112 Kg224 Kg
Omega 16001600 mm291 mm291 mm582 mm1830 mm250 mm1759 mm260 mm2060 mm123 Kg123 Kg246 Kg
Omega 18001800 mm321 mm321 mm642 mm2040 mm250 mm1961 mm260 mm2270 mm142 Kg142 Kg284 Kg
Omega 20002000 mm351 mm351 mm702 mm2250 mm250 mm2163 mm260 mm2480 mm184 Kg184 Kg368 Kg

The technical data shown are subject to change without notice.


Modular vulcanizer made in aluminium composed by sections of 260 mm length of platen. Available for several belt widths, from 650mm up to 2600mm. The total length of the vulcanization area is assembled by grouping the required units. Each one is independent and includes the pneumatic pressure system, heating system and cooling system. It is made up of 2 parts, top and bottom, both composed by steel platens that incorporate the heating elements, the temperature probes and the cooling circuit. Completely automatic process programmed from the control unit (heating, dwell time and cooling). The elements are grouped and allow a perfect installation in uneven or inclined surfaces.


Control box for up to 4 sections. Easy programming. Automatic control of the whole splicing process, once the melting temperature, the dwell time and the cooling temperature have been set. Incorporates one thermometer and one ammeter per section. The ammeter allows the identification of possible problems in the electrical system of the vulcanizer, besides a voltmeter for input voltage reading that allows to detect any problem in the power supply. It also includes a pressure regulator, manometer and pneumatic valve with inflation/deflation control. Automatic end-of-cycle buzzer. 

Pressure System

Pressure is supplied in an equal way to the belt by means of airbags placed on top and bottom elements. Two models available: 7 bar (100 PSI) or 12 bar (170 PSI). Weights and heights may vary depending on the model. 

Heating System

Fast heating of the platens by means of silicone heating elements. Each one is made with an asymmetrical winding to supply an even heat distribution all along the belt. The elements get warmer on the ends to compensate the loss of temperature and avoid heat concentration in the middle. Temperature programable up to 185º C / 365º F.

Cooling System

Water cooling system composed by a closed stainless steel circuit, that help circulate water all along the platens propelled by a water pump. Water favours a rapid temperature reduction of the belt and reduces waiting time for a new use of the press. It activates automatically at the end of the dwell temperature process.  


Perfect grouping of the elements. Steel made with safety factor 2 (capable of withstanding twice the maximum load pressure of the beam). Easy adjustment to hold different belt thicknesses.


Omega - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Omega - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Omega - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Omega - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Omega - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Omega - Portable presses - Water-cooled

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