FONMAR, Machinery for Vulcanization FONMAR, Machinery for Vulcanization

Fonmar is a global leader manufacturer of vulcanizers for Rubber conveyor belts and tires, as well as machinery and tools for the splice and repair of PVC/PU conveyors belts and transmission belts.


To achieve our customer's complete satisfaction, providing them with our technology and know-how on a “best efforts” basis. By doing this, we obtain products which meet the highest quality standards and fulfill the needs or even exceed the customers' expectations.


To provide solutions to the new challenges proposed by our customers and the different markets they are involved in, to ensure a continuous growth through our customer´s trust and loyalty and the tireless effort to develop new products.


  • Our staff is our strongest asset. Teamwork is everything, and for this reason, we surround ourselves with people that share and put in practice the values that our company represents.
  • Compromise. We take into account the importance of compliance with the development of our main goals, with both the customers and our entrepreneurial spirit, in a professional, responsible and honest manner with our core values.
  • Integrity. We evolve as a company in a transparent, truthful and fruitful manner.
  • Quality. What we do we do it well. We held ISO -9001:2015 Quality Certification for the manufacturing and marketing of machinery, in addition to the as CE marking requirements.
  • Passion. We put our heart into any process or project we are involved in.
  • Collaboration. To understand what adds value to our customers and to focus our efforts on providing that same value by means of our products and services.
FONMAR, Machinery for Vulcanization


FONMAR, Machinery for Vulcanization FONMAR, Machinery for Vulcanization

FONMAR started its venture in 1975. in those early days, FONMAR was born with the aim of manufacturing equipment for tire repair with a revolutionary system at that time: VULCANIZATION.

It was only in 1984 that FONMAR completed its product range with the rest of models required to cover tires of any dimensions.

Thanks to the extraordinary spread of our equipment all over Spain, in 1985 FONMAR started expanding towards France and Portugal, with identical success.

As a result of the new requirements our customers demanded, mostly tire service companies, in 1980 we started developing prototypes of vulcanizers for rubber conveyor belts.

A few years later, in 1984, the new companies focused on vulcanization of conveyor belts urged us to launch a new type of machines to join PVC & PU Conveyor Belts.

By the mid-1990s, we started developing a new machinery specialized in joining flat and toothed transmission belts.

From 2015, the world expansion of our products is completed, being present in the 5 continents as a reference in the manufacture of presses for conveyor belts and machinery for tire repair.

Nowadays, we continue developing new products thanks to the introduction of new technologies and materials in our manufacturing processes.

FONMAR, Machinery for Vulcanization

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