Alfa - Portable presses - Water-cooled


For all PVC/PU belts: no matter the width, the splicing method or the required pressure.

  • - For the widest belts.
  • - 150mm or 200mm length of platen.
  • - 3 bar and 5 bar models.
  • - Airbag on top and bottom sections.

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PressureAirbags in upper & lower frame – 3 Bar (43PSI) or 5 Bar (72PSI) versions
HeatingHeating Elements - 200º C (392ºF) Max.
Belt WidthUp to 5800mm (228,3")
Platen Length150mm (5,9") or 200mm (7,8")

Millimeters Inches

Weights and dimensions correspond to the 3 Bar version.
Model Belt (mm) (mm)G1 (mm) (in)G2 (mm) (in)G3 (mm) (in)A (mm) (in)B (mm) (in)D (mm) (in)L (mm) (in)Lower frame weight (Kg) (Lb)Upper frame weight (Kg) (Lb)Total weight (Kg) (Lb)
Alfa 300x200300 mm145 mm145 mm290 mm460 mm200 mm228 mm630 mm26.5 Kg19.5 Kg46 Kg
Alfa 400x200400 mm145 mm145 mm290 mm560 mm200 mm228 mm730 mm28 Kg24 Kg52 Kg
Alfa 600x200600 mm145 mm145 mm290 mm760 mm200 mm228 mm930 mm35 Kg32 Kg67 Kg
Alfa 800x200800 mm145 mm145 mm290 mm960 mm200 mm228 mm1130 mm38 Kg35 Kg73 Kg
Alfa 1000x2001000 mm145 mm145 mm290 mm1160 mm200 mm228 mm1330 mm48 Kg42 Kg90 Kg
Alfa 1200x2001200 mm145 mm145 mm290 mm1360 mm200 mm228 mm1530 mm55 Kg49 Kg104 Kg
Alfa 1200x1501200 mm177 mm177 mm354 mm1360 mm150 mm216 mm1520 mm42.13 Kg50.13 Kg92.26 Kg
Alfa 1400x2001400 mm165 mm165 mm330 mm1560 mm200 mm228 mm1740 mm63.5 Kg60.5 Kg124 Kg
Alfa 1400x1501400 mm177 mm177 mm354 mm1560 mm150 mm216 mm1720 mm47.42 Kg55.42 Kg102.84 Kg
Alfa 1600x2001600 mm175 mm175 mm350 mm1760 mm200 mm264 mm1980 mm82 Kg71 Kg153 Kg
Alfa 1600x1501600 mm177 mm177 mm354 mm1760 mm150 mm216 mm1920 mm52.71 Kg60.71 Kg113.42 Kg
Alfa 1800x2001800 mm195 mm195 mm390 mm1960 mm200 mm264 mm2180 mm95 Kg84 Kg179 Kg
Alfa 1800x1501800 mm177 mm177 mm354 mm1960 mm150 mm216 mm2120 mm58.01 Kg66.01 Kg124.02 Kg
Alfa 2000x2002000 mm215 mm215 mm430 mm2160 mm200 mm264 mm2380 mm108 Kg97 Kg205 Kg
Alfa 2000x1502000 mm246 mm246 mm492 mm2160 mm150 mm216 mm2320 mm91 Kg84 Kg174 Kg
Alfa 2200x2002200 mm235 mm235 mm470 mm2360 mm200 mm264 mm2580 mm123 Kg112 Kg235 Kg
Alfa 2200x1502200 mm246 mm246 mm492 mm2360 mm150 mm216 mm2520 mm94.15 Kg86.15 Kg180.3 Kg
Alfa 2400x2002400 mm255 mm255 mm510 mm2560 mm200 mm350 mm2800 mm146 Kg130 Kg276 Kg
Alfa 2600x2002600 mm275 mm275 mm550 mm2760 mm200 mm350 mm3000 mm156.5 Kg149.5 Kg306 Kg
Alfa 2800x2002800 mm285 mm285 mm570 mm2960 mm200 mm350 mm3200 mm170 Kg162 Kg332 Kg
Alfa 3000x2003000 mm305 mm305 mm610 mm3160 mm200 mm350 mm3460 mm220 Kg204 Kg424 Kg
Alfa 3200x2003200 mm305 mm305 mm610 mm3360 mm200 mm350 mm3660 mm226 Kg216 Kg442 Kg
Alfa 3400x2003400 mm324 mm324 mm648 mm3560 mm200 mm350 mm3860 mm249 Kg231 Kg480 Kg
Alfa 3600x2003600 mm365 mm365 mm730 mm3760 mm200 mm350 mm4060 mm279 Kg268 Kg547 Kg
Alfa 4000x2004000 mm405 mm405 mm810 mm4160 mm200 mm350 mm4460 mm356 Kg344 Kg700 Kg
Alfa 4200x2004200 mm425 mm425 mm850 mm4360 mm200 mm350 mm4660 mm386 Kg374 Kg760 Kg
Alfa 300x200300 mm5.7 in5.7 in11.4 in18.1 in7.9 in9.0 in24.8 in58.3 Lb42.9 Lb101.2 Lb
Alfa 400x200400 mm5.7 in5.7 in11.4 in22.0 in7.9 in9.0 in28.7 in61.6 Lb52.8 Lb114.4 Lb
Alfa 600x200600 mm5.7 in5.7 in11.4 in29.9 in7.9 in9.0 in36.6 in77.0 Lb70.4 Lb147.4 Lb
Alfa 800x200800 mm5.7 in5.7 in11.4 in37.8 in7.9 in9.0 in44.5 in83.6 Lb77.0 Lb160.6 Lb
Alfa 1000x2001000 mm5.7 in5.7 in11.4 in45.7 in7.9 in9.0 in52.4 in105.6 Lb92.4 Lb198.0 Lb
Alfa 1200x2001200 mm5.7 in5.7 in11.4 in53.5 in7.9 in9.0 in60.2 in121.0 Lb107.8 Lb228.8 Lb
Alfa 1200x1501200 mm7.0 in7.0 in13.9 in53.5 in5.9 in8.5 in59.8 in93.7 Lb111.3 Lb205.0 Lb
Alfa 1400x2001400 mm6.5 in6.5 in13.0 in61.4 in7.9 in9.0 in68.5 in139.7 Lb133.1 Lb272.8 Lb
Alfa 1400x1501400 mm7.0 in7.0 in13.9 in61.4 in5.9 in8.5 in67.7 in106.9 Lb124.6 Lb231.5 Lb
Alfa 1600x2001600 mm6.9 in6.9 in13.8 in69.3 in7.9 in10.4 in78.0 in180.4 Lb156.2 Lb336.6 Lb
Alfa 1600x1501600 mm7.0 in7.0 in13.9 in69.3 in5.9 in8.5 in75.6 in116.2 Lb133.8 Lb250.0 Lb
Alfa 1800x2001800 mm7.7 in7.7 in15.4 in77.2 in7.9 in10.4 in85.8 in209.0 Lb184.8 Lb393.8 Lb
Alfa 1800x1501800 mm7.0 in7.0 in13.9 in77.2 in5.9 in8.5 in83.5 in127.9 Lb145.5 Lb273.4 Lb
Alfa 2000x2002000 mm8.5 in8.5 in16.9 in85.0 in7.9 in10.4 in93.7 in237.6 Lb213.4 Lb451.0 Lb
Alfa 2000x1502000 mm9.7 in9.7 in19.4 in85.0 in5.9 in8.5 in91.3 in198.4 Lb185.2 Lb383.6 Lb
Alfa 2200x2002200 mm9.3 in9.3 in18.5 in92.9 in7.9 in10.4 in101.6 in270.6 Lb246.4 Lb517.0 Lb
Alfa 2200x1502200 mm9.7 in9.7 in19.4 in92.9 in5.9 in8.5 in99.2 in221.6 Lb203.9 Lb425.5 Lb
Alfa 2400x2002400 mm10.0 in10.0 in20.1 in100.8 in7.9 in10.4 in110.2 in321.2 Lb286.0 Lb607.2 Lb
Alfa 2600x2002600 mm10.8 in10.8 in21.7 in108.7 in7.9 in10.4 in118.1 in344.3 Lb328.9 Lb673.2 Lb
Alfa 2800x2002800 mm11.2 in11.2 in22.4 in116.5 in7.9 in10.4 in126.0 in374.0 Lb356.4 Lb730.4 Lb
Alfa 3000x2003000 mm12.0 in12.0 in24.0 in124.4 in7.9 in10.4 in136.2 in484.0 Lb448.8 Lb932.8 Lb
Alfa 3200x2003200 mm12.0 in12.0 in24.0 in132.3 in7.9 in10.4 in144.1 in497.2 Lb475.2 Lb972.4 Lb
Alfa 3400x2003400 mm12.8 in12.8 in25.5 in140.2 in7.9 in10.4 in152.0 in547.8 Lb508.2 Lb1056.0 Lb
Alfa 3600x2003600 mm14.4 in14.4 in28.7 in148.0 in7.9 in10.4 in159.8 in613.8 Lb589.6 Lb1203.4 Lb
Alfa 4000x2004000 mm15.9 in15.9 in31.9 in163.8 in7.9 in13.8 in175.6 in783.2 Lb756.8 Lb1540 Lb
Alfa 4200x2004200 mm16.7 in16.7 in33.5 in171.7 in in13.8 in183.5 in849.2 Lb822.8 Lb1672 Lb

The technical data shown are subject to change without notice.


Aluminium made press. Available for several belt widths: from 300mm up to 4600mm (superior dimensions under request). Incorporates pneumatic pressure system, heating system, water cooling system and clamping bar. The press is divided into 2 parts (top and bottom). Each integrates aluminium platens with heating elements, cooling pipes and temperature probes. Length of platen: 150mm (up to 2200mm) or 200mm. Completely automatic process programmed from the control unit (pressure, heating, dwell time and cooling).


Easy to program control unit. Automatic control of the whole splicing process once the melting temperature of both platens, the dwell time, the cooling temperature and the pressure have been set. The control box features an Automatic Temperature Regulation System (ATRS), that monitors automatically the differences of temperature between the heating platens during heating and dwell time. By doing so, differences of more than 2ºC are avoided. Includes voltmeter for input voltage reading that allows to detect any problem in the power supply. Includes also a pressure regulator, manometer and pneumatic valve with quick inflation and deflation. Automatic end-of-cycle buzzer.

Pressure system

The pressure is supplied equally by means of a wide section airbag inside each frame. Depending on the maximum pressure to reach, there are 2 models: 3 bar or 5 bar. The weights and heights of the sections may vary depending on this.

Heating system

Fast heating of the platens by means of heating elements. Each one is made with an asymmetrical winding to supply an even heat distribution all along the belt. The elements get warmer on the ends to compensate the loss of temperature and avoid heat concentration in the middle. Temperature programable up to 200º C / 392º F.

Cooling system

Water cooling system composed by a closed stainless steel circuit, that help circulate water all along the platens propelled by a water pump. Water favours a rapid temperature reduction of the belt and reduces waiting time for a new use of the press. Cooling system activates automatically after dwell time finishes.

Clamping system

Fixing the belt by means of automatic clamping bars. Two intermediate plates of galvanized steel (1,5 mm thickness) are also supplied for the protection of the heating plates. These plates also dissipate the heat and avoid marks on the splice area.


Easily adjustable to different belt thicknesses. Steel made with safety factor 2 (capable of withstanding twice the maximum load pressure of the press).

Alfa - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Alfa - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Alfa - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Alfa - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Alfa - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Alfa - Portable presses - Water-cooled
Alfa - Portable presses - Water-cooled

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Alfa control unit

Alfa control unit

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