HMIBOX - Control systems - Data logging


Shows real time process of the splice, stores data and generates reports of each job. 

  • - Tough and high tech touch screen, water & dust protected (IP67 certification).
  • - Maximum ease and speed for every work, thanks to the recipe creation.
  • - Generates reports of every joint, including a graph with details such as temperature, time and pressure.
  • - Possibility to store data in external devices.
  • - WIFI communication.

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Model Control plates () ()Total weight (Kg) (Lb)
HMI2T2 15 Kg
HMI4T4 24 Kg

The technical data shown are subject to change without notice.

The HMI-BOX control unit has the latest technology for configuration and data processing, as well as the visualization of the complete process in real time on its touch screen. Generates reports for each job with the ability to save them to an external drive. It records recipes with the configuration data facilitating the work, and offers communication through WIFI technology.

HMI-BOX is placed in a case with an IP67 protection level for easy transport. Through its 7” touch screen you can program the splice parameters, control the vulcanizing process or record the necessary data to speed up your work; in addition to visualizing the graphical representation of the process in real time.

Using recipes, data such as customers, operators, belt and splice characteristics, temperature and time settings can be included and memorized, thus reducing the duration of parameterization in each splice.

To control the process and its monitoring remotely, the connection to HMI-BOX may be done via WIFI with any device such as a tablet, laptop or mobile. Or via Ethernet*

*a laptop with an ethernet cable is required for this connection.

It includes data storage on SD card, fully protected to prevent damage due to dust or dirt.

The work report is generated personalized with your data and logo.

HMIBOX - Control systems - Data logging
HMIBOX - Control systems - Data logging
HMIBOX - Control systems - Data logging
HMIBOX - Control systems - Data logging
HMIBOX - Control systems - Data logging

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