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Fonmar Group S.L., is a company devoted to the manufacture of vulcanizers and presses for PVC & PU, rubber conveyor belts and tires, as well as the supply, technical support and post sales service.

Fonmar has adopted a quality policy, having as essential purpose the full satisfaction of our customers as the only way to ensure the profitability and continuity of our company.

To this effect, we plan quality objectives reviewed and evaluated regularly by our quality committee.

To ensure the quality is under the responsability of the senior management and reaches all the levels and all the staff of FONMAR

this Quality Policy is communicated and understood inside the Organization and will be available for consultation by any external agent interested. Furthermore it will be reviewed or its continuous improvement and adaptation to the Quality Management System.

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Our goals are focused ion the following fundamental aspects

To comply with the legal requirements, from the customer and from the own Quality System, as well as to improve continuously the efficiency of the Quality Management System.

To increase the knowledge and the productivity of our staff, in order to get the most out of their capability, experience and knowledge they hold and receive.

The Design and Manufacture of our vulcanizers and presses for PVC/PU, and rubber convyor belts and tires, with a challenging quality degree, that meet the expectations of our customers and differentate us from our competitors, with the enduring interest in evolving to the continuous improvement of our processes.

The processes are the most effective tool to reach, maintain and improve the quality of our production. Consequently the prevention of errors in our manufacture process is one of the main aims, in order to achieve the level of quality demanded. For that purpose we develop an effective process control in order to avoid that these mistakes involve the customer.

The president assumes as one of his responsibilities, the compromise of leadership in the implementation and application of behaviours consistent with the quality assurance for the design and production of Vulcanizers for Tire Repair and Rubber, PVC & PU Conveyor Belts; the manufacture of Patches for Tire Repair; the design and production of Operator Baskets.

Terms & Conditions of the Product Warranty

Warranty Conditions

FONMAR GROUP S.L. offers a 2-years commercial warranty from the acquisition of the product. This warranty applies to the machinery manufactured by FONMAR GROUP S.L, but the accessories or the spares, for which the warranty period is 6 months from the acquisition of the product. To carry out the warranty, the customer will have to deliver the defective product together with a copy of the invoice.

During the period of validity of the warranty, the parts of the product bearing manufacture defects will be repaired or replaced if impossible to repair. The manufacturer shall have the sole right to choose whether to repair or replace defective equipment, parts, or components.

The repair and replacement of defective parts under warranty will be free of charge for the buyer, including cost of labour and materials.

Warranty Exclusions

In no case will the Warranty cover the displacement of the technicians to the buyer´s facilities in the case that the customer requires for it (and if possible).

The warranty does not cover claims concerning:

- Freight costs of the product (to and from the factory).

- Damages caused by neglect and negligent treatment from the user.

- Handling of the machine by technical staff non-authorized by FONMAR GROUP S.L., within the warranty period.

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