Vulcanizers for Rubber Conveyor Belts

Compact, sectional or modular ones; with hydraulic cylinders or by means of pressure bags (air or water); 7 Kg/cm2 (100PSI) for fabric belts or up to 14 Kg/cm2 (200PSI) for steel-cord belts; water or air cooled; With external control box or built-in controllers; For up to 3m (120”) wide belts and any length of splice; for on-site or workshop jobs; 16º, 22ºor 90º.

Presses for PVC/PU Conveyor Belts

Presses with pneumatic pressure, with one or two airbags; 5 Kg/cm2 (71PSI) maximum pressure; up to 5800 mm wide belts; low profile available; for on-site or workshop jobs; control of the whole cycle (heating, dwell time, cooling and water removal system) by means of the automatic control unit.

Tire repair vulcanizers

Presses for Transmission Belts

Special Presses

Optional models on request

Control systems


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