Reca 2500

Reca 2500 - Tire repair vulcanizers - Retu-Reca Range

Reca 2500

Vulcanizer for truck, agriculture and industrial tires by means of cylinder

  • - Heating by means of external platens and pads placed inside the tire.
  • - Bult-in controllers with automatic regulation of temperature, time and pressure.
  • - Interchangeable aluminium moulds for a perfect adjustment of the tire and to avoid deformation.
  • - Repairs damages on shoulder, sidewall, tread and bead.
  • - Mobile cradle for an easy handling of the tire.
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TruckFrom 205/75 R17.5 to 445/45 R22.5
AgriculturalFrom to 520/85 R38
OTRFrom 7.5 R15 to 20.5 R25

Millimeters Inches

Model GN (mm) (in)G3 (mm) (in)G4 (mm) (in)D (mm) (in)L1 (mm) (in)L2 (mm) (in)Total weight (Kg) (Lb)
Reca 2500564 mm1551 mm490 mm462 mm1441 mm793 mm270 Kg
Reca 250022.20 in61.06 in19.29 in18.19 in56.73 in31.22 in594 Lb

The technical data shown are subject to change without notice.


Steel made press. It is composed by frame, weighting arm, heating platens, pneumatic cylinder and control display.

It includes:

- Heating pad: 500x220 mm, 475x475 mm, 625x270 mm

- Set of packs: 200x300; 250x300; 300x300; 350x300; 400x300; 350x500; 400x500


Easy programming. Automatic control of the whole vulcanization process once melting temperature and dwell time have been set. Includes pressure regulator, manometer, thermometers and timer.

Pressure System

Uniform pressure by means of pneumatic cylinder.

Heating System

Fast heating of the platens that transfer the heat to the aluminium moulds.

Inside the tire heat is applied by flexible heating pad, that adapts perfectly to the shape of the tire. Different dimensions according to the damage to repair

Placement and adjustment of the tire 

Thanks to the mobile cradle, pressure is applied perpendicular to the reference plane of the damage to repair, depending on where it is: shoulder, sidewall or tread.

Reca 2500 - Tire repair vulcanizers - Retu-Reca Range
Reca 2500 - Tire repair vulcanizers - Retu-Reca Range
Reca 2500 - Tire repair vulcanizers - Retu-Reca Range
Reca 2500 - Tire repair vulcanizers - Retu-Reca Range
Reca 2500 - Tire repair vulcanizers - Retu-Reca Range

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