Set of tools

Set of tools - Tools - Tools for rubber conveyor belts

Set of tools

Top quality set of tools for belt splicing preparation.

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The technical data shown are subject to change without notice.

They are all supplied in a case for easy transport.

Tools and materials included:

Tool bag
White crayons Ø 13 x 115 mm 12 Pcs
Silver rubber marking pen
Chalk dust blue 30 mt
Safety goggles
Work gloves
5 mt steel tape
Pulling clamp
Belt cover Puller L = 180mm
Clamp with Screw 300 x 140 mm
Brush Ø 55
Hand brush 350 x 35 mm
Rubber hammer Ø 50 mm - gr 500
Carbide wheel TFW415 100x40 grit 36
Hexagonal adapter 3/8' UNF x 16
Grooved wire brush Ø 100x27
Flat disco 180 x 2 AH 22 grit 18
Clepsydra stell wire brush Ø 60 x 30 mm
Knurled Stitcher 50 x 4 mm
Knurled Stitcher 50 x 6 mm
Pin stitcher 52x27mm
Smooth roller 40x18mm
Spare belt punch Ø 6
Spare belt punch Ø 8
Plier 220 mm
Special clamp L = 200 mm
Knife sharpening stone
Conical awl Ø 8 x 95 mm
Dexter hook knife 50mm / 2'
Rubber knife 6' - 150mm
Ply lifter
Offset knife wooden handle
Don Paolo Knife
Cutter L = 160 mm
Spare blade for cutter 110x18x0,6
Rotary cutting knife
Shears for rubber 12' 305mm
Scratcher brush

Set of tools - Tools - Tools for rubber conveyor belts

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