Miniver - Presses for Transmission Belts - Workshop


The most efficient manner of joining transmission belts

  • - Compact size press.
  • - Fast cycles for ongoing works.
  • - Side cooling avoids deformations.
  • - Narrow perimeter.
  • - Automatic process.

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Heating200ºC Max.
PressurePneumatic cylinder

Metric Measurements Imperial Measurements

Model G1 (mm) (in)G3 (mm) (in)A (mm) (in)B (mm) (in)D (mm) (in)L (mm) (in)Total weight (Kg) (Lb)
Miniver 75110 mm697 mm120 mm80 mm160 mm325 mm31 Kg
Miniver 150150 mm837 mm200 mm140 mm270 mm465 mm66 Kg
Miniver 200180 mm925 mm250 mm200 mm330 mm540 mm110 Kg
Miniver 320216 mm945 mm400 mm210 mm340 mm950 mm217 Kg
Miniver 520227 mm1004 mm600 mm210 mm340 mm1210 mm365 Kg
Miniver 754.33 in27.44 in4.72 in3.15 in6.30 in12.80 in68.20 Lb
Miniver 1505.91 in32.95 in7.87 in5.51 in10.63 in18.31 in145.20 Lb
Miniver 2007.09 in36.42 in9.84 in7.87 in12.99 in21.26 in242.00 Lb
Miniver 3208.50 in37.20 in15.75 in8.27 in13.39 in37.40 in478.40 Lb
Miniver 5208.94 in39.53 in23.62 in8.27 in13.39 in47.64 in803.00 Lb

The technical data shown are subject to change without notice.


Steel workshop press for transmission belts. The dimensions of the plates depend on the width of the belt and goes from 10mm up to 520mm, plus a safety margin for the location of the moulds and the heat distribution. The press incorporates pneumatic pressure system (cylinder), heating system (cartridge heaters) and cooling systems (central and double-side one). Composed by frame, pneumatic cylinder, extractable tray, nylon plate and heating plates. Each aluminium plate holds the heaters, temperature probes, central cooling system and double side cooling system. Maximum belt width: 520mm (M520); 320mm (M 320); 200mm (M200); 150mm (M150); 75mm (M75). Length of platen: 210mm (M 520 and M 320); 200 mm (M200); 140 mm (M150); 80 mm (M75). Completely automatic process (heating, dwell time and central and double side cooling) programmed from the control unit.


Easy to program control unit. Automatic control of the whole splicing process once the melting temperature of both platens, the dwell time, the cooling temperature (both central and double side ones) and the pressure have been set. Automatic end-of-cycle buzzer.


Pressure System

The pressure is applied equally all along the platen by means of a pneumatic cylinder. Inlet pressure regulator to select the mains pressure. Release/engagement device.  Fast inflation/deflation thanks to the selector lever on the back of the control unit. Maximum pressure: 452 daN (M75); 1104 daN (M150); 1810 daN (M200).

Heating System

Fast heating of both platens by means of interchangeable cartridge heaters that provide a uniform heat distribution all along the platen. Programmable platen up to 200º.


Water cooled. The central cooling system (covers the whole platen) favours a rapid temperature reduction of the belt and reduces waiting time for a new use of the press. It activates and stops automatically. It is composed by a stainless stell closed circuit that makes the water run all along the platen propelled by a water pump. The double side cooling system keeps both ends of the platen at a constant low temperature.


Moulds / Belt clamps

Different option to splice timing belts. Aluminium made moulds with a design perfectly adapted to the shape of the belt for a result identical to the original one.

The belt clamps device allows a perfect adjustment of the flat belt before the splice. Furthermore, a second belt may also be prepared while the machine is working.


Electrical leads with industrial connectors and silicone water hoses resistant to high temperatures with fit couplings.

Miniver - Presses for Transmission Belts - Workshop
Miniver - Presses for Transmission Belts - Workshop
Miniver - Presses for Transmission Belts - Workshop
Miniver - Presses for Transmission Belts - Workshop
Miniver - Presses for Transmission Belts - Workshop
Miniver - Presses for Transmission Belts - Workshop
Miniver - Presses for Transmission Belts - Workshop
Miniver - Presses for Transmission Belts - Workshop
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